Prospective Students / Student Talk

Hearing encouraging and positive experiences from students who attend Shepherds College is helpful. Understanding how much your peers are learning academically, socially and spiritually will make you excited to come here too.

We asked students to share something they are learning in classes or something that they like about Shepherds College. Below are some responses:

"Shepherds College is a huge family. I love all my classmates like siblings." ~ Kelly

"I learned how to wake up on time!" ~ Karilyn

"Before coming to Shepherds, I did not know how to do my laundry. Now I do!" ~ Susanna

"I learned how to be on my own without my mom and dad. I can make my own acts and decisions." ~ David

"I'm getting to be best friends with staff and advisors!" ~ Elizabeth

"It's so special to have chapel every Monday morning!" ~ Larisa

"I learned how to do interviews and be successful in a job so that someday I can live on my own." ~ James

"The staff and paras really love you here. They want you to succeed." ~ Herrica

"I learned how to handle peer pressure better than before!" ~ Joi

"The most special thing about Shepherds College is that people can be theirselves and help with each other." ~ Pratima

"The people at Shepherds College do not judge how you are and what you are. They take you as you are." ~ Daisy

"I learned that it's very important to try something new that you've never done before." ~ Nee Dow

"My friends are awesome!" ~ Willetta

"Shepherds College is a place that you can just be yourself." ~ Keith