Prospective Students / Being a Student at Shepherds College

Life After High School?

Growing up, it might have been difficult to imagine what your life would be like once you graduated from high school. Maybe you still have a tough time seeing what your life might be like as an adult. Don't worry. It's a completely normal feeling. The transition to adulthood is challenging for everyone. Even your parents went through their own challenges. But they turned out OK, right? And so will you.

What's College Like?

Shepherds College is a great place for you to try things out and develop Appropriate Independence for yourself. No one is going to try to make you do anything that they don't think you can do. But we (and your fellow students) will support you and encourage you to try new things and learn new skills that you're going to want to have as an adult. Living on campus is really an extension of your classroom. Things like managing money, learning career skills, developing relationships, figuring out how to get along with roommates, and maturing into adulthood is what college is all about. Many of your friends are experiencing this and now it's your turn.

As a student at Shepherds College, you'll attend classes, live in an apartment with roommates, participate in group and community activities, go to church, cook meals (and clean-up afterward), and do other stuff that any college student does. You'll likely be away from home and your parents - which may be scary or may be exciting! - but you'll be surrounded by great people who will help you every step of the way. These people will become your friends and over time will feel like family to you. It's never a bad thing to have more friends and loving "family members" around!

What About Time Off?

Shepherds College has a year-round school calendar. The school year runs from August through June, with Christmas Break, Spring Break, and July off to hang out with your family and hometown friends where you will get to practice and share all of the things you have experienced and learned at Shepherds College. Everyone will be impressed with how much knowledge you will have.

Small Town. Big Opportunities.

Union Grove, Wisconsin is a great small town, and it's close enough to Racine and Milwaukee for those of you who like the excitement of big cities. Downtown Chicago is only about 90 minutes away, and we make regular trips off campus to experience the culture of city life.

What's Next?

There is much more to being a student at Shepherds College, but you can't read all about it on a web page. Tell your parents you'd like them to contact us for more information and maybe even visit our campus for a few days. We think you'll like what you see and we look forward to you becoming part of our campus community.