Occupational Programs / Culinary Arts

Earn a Certificate in Culinary Arts!

Students will be given the opportunity to expand upon their personal interests within the foodservice profession by training in real-life working environments both here at Shepherds College and in the surrounding community. An optimal learning environment for acquiring foodservice and restaurant skills will be offered through in-depth classroom instruction and substantial hands-on experience, providing culinary students with food service knowledge and a varied set of pertinent workplace skills.

The Culinary industry offers a vast array of diversified fields. What we strive to do is find the right match for each of our students so that they may thrive in what may be the first place they have worked in their life.  Students will spend forty weeks learning a variety of techniques and food preparations while also learning about sanitation, kitchen safety, and professionalism. By the end of their second year, they should have the skill-set to be able to work in a variety of restaurant environments.

Possible occupations to which this program leads:

Chefs and head cooks 4000 35-1011
First-line supervisors of food preparation and serving workers 4010 35-1012
Cooks 4020 35-2010
Food preparation workers 4030 35-2021
Combined food preparation and serving workers, including fast food 4050 35-3021
Counter attendants, cafeteria, food concession, and coffee shop 4060 35-3022
Food servers, non-restaurant 4120 35-3041
Dining room and cafeteria attendants 4130 35-9011
Dishwashers 4140 35-9021

To learn more about what our students do in the Culinary Arts program, contact Chef Chris Lampson at 262.878.5620 ext. 6422 or clampson@shepherdscollege.edu

Gainful Employment

Institutions providing gainful employment programs offer important opportunities to all students seeking to expand their skills and earn a postsecondary degree or certificate. The Federal Government along with the Department of Education has a strong interest in ensuring that institutions of higher education promote student academic and career opportunities and has put into place Gainful Employment regulations to make sure these guidelines have been met. Gainful Employment provides details to all students about their particular program and the possibility of being gainfully employed upon completion of your certificate and/or degree.

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Community Partnerships and Programs

Shepherds Community Café is a partnership between Community State Bank and Shepherds College, established to create a quality café experience that fosters community inclusion and collaboration while training and employing individuals with intellectual disabilities. Proceeds from all sales, including the sale of direct trade coffee, handmade baked goods, and branded merchandise, support the students at Shepherds College. Please check it out here: https://www.mysccafe.com/mission.html