About Shepherds College / History

Learning the history of academic organizations helps yield the truth about what that institution is all about. Understanding where people come from really tells about where they are headed.  And beginning on a solid base of Christianity, compassion, and knowledge provides Shepherds College with a strong foundation for future dreams. Here's our story:

It was 1957 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when parents of a son with intellectual disabilities approached their Sunday school class and asked a probing question. "Could our class actually do something to help children with intellectual disabilities?" The church was Garfield Baptist (Spring Creek Church) and the outpouring of compassion that erupted from that class has cascaded down through multiple generations, profoundly impacting the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.

In 1964, Shepherds Home and School opened its doors welcoming 36 children. At that time, little was being done in public education to address the needs of this special population. Shepherds Home and School provided an essential service to these children and their families.

In 2008, Shepherds Ministries returned to its educational roots with the establishment of Shepherds College, a three-year post-secondary educational program for young adults with intellectual disabilities. And that's when it all began. The rest of this website shares where we're going.