Admissions / Tuition & Fees

The cost to attend Shepherds College for resident students during the 2021-2022 school year is $50,900. Costs to attend Shepherds College during the 2022-2023 school year will be published in early spring of 2022.

  • $25,700 Education and Training
  • $6,300 Room and Board
  • $18,900 Student Support

The tuition fee includes all instruction, curricular materials, textbooks, room & board, and residential care.

Room and board includes three meals daily, on-campus residence, and residential support staff.

Other expenses that students are likely to incur are costs for transportation to and from Shepherds College, medical expenses (including prescription costs), and spending money.

Additional Fees related to Culinary Arts or Horticulture:

  • First-Year Students: $50
  • Second-Year Students: $200
  • Third-Year Students: $100

Additional Fees related to Technology:

  • First-Year Students: $300
  • Second-Year Students: $500
  • Third-Year Students: $500

Additional Fees:

  • Application Fee: $75
  • Commencement Fee - $250 
  • COVID-19 Fee: $100
  • Transport Fees, as needed 
  • Miscellaneous Fees, as needed – i.e. for lost or damaged property 

"I have researched many, many programs. Dollar for dollar in comparison to the other programs, Shepherds is extremely cost-efficient. And the wonderful educational, vocational, and residential programs are truly unique to Shepherds. Some programs cost twice as much and offer so much less."  ~ Tina, parent of graduate