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A New Option for Education Professionals

Options for helping young adults with high-functioning intellectual disabilities are sometimes limited. The individual will be finishing high school or their transition program, but what's in store for them after that? Rather than immediately trying to enter a challenging job market, there is an alternative step. Many students benefit from a secure, structured and fun transition to Appropriate Independence.

As a trusted advisor to families, special education professionals are key information providers to parents. It is important that you be aware of all the options that might be appropriate for each student. Shepherds College presents itself to you as a viable post-secondary option for applicable young adults.

The Way to Appropriate Independence

Shepherds College is a wonderful recommendation for individuals at a critical point in life. As an on-campus, three-year post-secondary program, Shepherds College is designed specifically to help students with intellectual disabilities make the transition from school to work and from home to independent living.

Currently, Shepherds College offers three areas of study - culinary arts, horticulture and technology. Appropriate learning experiences taught by highly-trained and experienced faculty will prepare graduates for real work in jobs that make a difference to the community and to them.

A Foundation of Mind, Body and Spirit

A unique aspect of Shepherds College is our integrated emphasis on education and spiritual growth. We believe that students moving toward Appropriate Independence are best prepared when they have a strong spiritual foundation. While not important to every family, the spiritual component of Shepherds College is a desired and even required component to many parents when considering post-secondary education and life skills development for their child.

Learn More About Shepherds College

Shepherds College encourages therapists, counselors and education professionals to gain a clear understanding of the benefits of post-secondary education for students with intellectual disabilities. Contact Eric Lindsay, Director of Recruitment or Brian Canright, Vice President of Expansion to request an information packet that can be shared with parents.

The transition of these young adults from high school student to working adult is critical. Shepherds College may be just the opportunity your families are looking for.

Eric Lindsay

Brian Canright