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What We Are Really All About

Shepherds College is so much more than a school for students with intellectual disabilities.

It's a certificate-granting, fully accredited post-secondary school designed specifically for students with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Throughout your three years at Shepherds College, we will help equip you to reach Appropriate Independence through the development of vocational, social, and life skills.

Shepherds College is a safe haven where you can come and feel comfortable while learning new and exciting things. The types of things learned here are designed to prepare you with the skills necessary for life and a career in your chosen field.

Academics are an important part of Shepherds College, but leading healthy spiritual and social lives is important too. Each year, students are invited to participate in athletics, clubs, regular off-campus outings, church and service projects. These activities help students develop leadership skills, make new friends, experience new things and contribute to the community.

We believe that everyone was uniquely created by God for a purpose and that each person in this world deserves a chance to pursue and fulfill their dreams.