Occupational Programs / Horticulture

Earn a Certificate in Horticulture!

The Green Industry is providing multiple opportunities for employment to adults. Everywhere, employers are looking for laborers with the distinct skills necessary to grow things well and to meet the customer's needs. The Horticultural training program at Shepherds College is aimed at providing qualified horticulture students with the skill sets necessary to find substantial employment within the green industry.

Individual students will find the opportunity to expand upon their interests in working in a horticultural profession by training in working environments here at Shepherds and within the surrounding community. Classroom instruction will provide pertinent botanical knowledge, workplace adaptive skills, and common tasks acquisition. This combination of classroom education and hands-on experience should create an optimal learning environment for acquiring horticulture skills.

The Horticulture program at Shepherds College will focus on three general aspects of vocational preparedness:

  1. Greenhouse Production/Aquaponics Operations
  2. Landscape Maintenance Operations
  3. Garden Center/Floral Retail Operations

These three courses of study will equip and prepare our students for the job opportunities they are most likely to encounter.

Possible occupations to which this program leads:

Grounds maintenance workers  37-3010

Miscellaneous agricultural workers  6050  45-2090

To learn more about what our students do in the Horticultural program, contact Owen Lackey, our experienced Lead Horticultural instructor at 262.878.5620 ext. 6423 or olackey@shepherdscollege.edu.

“We are very proud of Kyle and his accomplishments in horticulture this semester. I am amazed at his floral arrangements and how much he has learned from all of your efforts. We look forward to seeing what happens next semester. It's especially encouraging to see how excited Kyle is about all he is learning in horticulture.”—Keith and Cheryl

Gainful Employment

Institutions providing gainful employment programs offer important opportunities to all students seeking to expand their skills and earn a post secondary degree or certificate. The Federal Government along with the Department of Education has a strong interest in ensuring that institutions of higher education promote student academic and career opportunities and has put into place Gainful Employment regulations to make sure these guidelines have been met. Gainful Employment provides details to all students about their particular program and the possibility of being gainfully employed upon completion of your certificate and/or degree.

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