About Shepherds College / Shepherds Ministries

Fashioned through the ideas and efforts of a Sunday school class in Milwaukee in the late 50’s, Shepherds opened in Union Grove, WI in 1964 as a boarding school for children with intellectual disabilities.  For more than half a century, Shepherds Ministries has cared for and supported individuals through a variety of programs designed to meet their needs and foster their growth and development.

From the boarding school to an adult residential program; an occupational center to community-based residential supports, Shepherds’ primary purpose has been to point our clients and students to an understanding of God’s love for each one of them.

Through the generous support of friends and supporters, Shepherds, a faith-based non-profit ministry, has provided compassionate Christian care and positively impacted hundreds of lives throughout the years.

In 2008 Shepherds Ministries returned to its educational roots with the introduction of Shepherds College, an accredited postsecondary school designed to equip students with IDD with the vocational, social, and life skills necessary to pursue Appropriate Independence™ while inspiring a lasting awareness of God’s plan for their lives.