Fundraising / Wheels Across Wisconsin Virtual Fundraiser

On Saturday, October 3rd, from 6a to noon, Shepherds College is hosting our first ever Soaring Eagles Cycling Challenge to raise donations to enhance campus services and support student scholarships!

Unfortunately, most adults with an intellectual and/or developmental disability are unable to obtain a driver’s license. As a result, bicycles are an indispensable form of transportation for everyday life. Cycling also provides a wonderful way to exercise, build relationships and explore the outdoors. Bicycles equal independence.

With new protocols in place to protect our students, it has become more important than ever to develop additional recreational opportunities on campus. We encouraged students to bring their bikes to campus for that reason. With your help we hope to enhance the student experience by raising funds for a bike repair shop on campus and to support the SC scholarship fund for current students.

Why a bike shop?

Our cyclist in residence, Chef Tony LaFranzo, has volunteered to manage the shop and provide minor adjustments and repairs for students throughout the year. This is more important than ever as there are more bikes on campus than ever before! Mr. LaFranzo also plans on starting a cycling club to train students on basic maintenance and repairs as they develop a crucial life skill in the pursuit of Appropriate Independence ™.

Why scholarships?

Each year SC commits to raise a significant amount in scholarship dollars for new and returning students who demonstrate financial need. We then go out and raise those dollars throughout the course of the year. Help us support those students in need. Any funds raised beyond the dollars needed for the bike shop will go to support current students through the annual scholarship fund.

So what are our goals?

  1. We want to register 70+ Soaring Cyclers! To register for the event, click here to create your very own fundraising page in support of SC. This is a virtual fundraiser, meaning you can ride a regular bike or even a stationary bike. You can choose to ride around campus, the neighborhood or along your favorite local trail.
  2. Together, let’s log at 500 miles or more! Cycling is great for your overall health and well-being. 
  3. To raise $10,000 to cover the expense of the bike shop, tools and additional monies to support the annual scholarship fund!

How can you help?

Become a Soaring Cycler fundraiser!

Create a fundraising account through MobileCause to support your ride. Share the link on social media, through text message and email to people you think may support your ride for SC. Share the number of miles you’re aiming to ride during the event. 


Maybe you’d prefer not to ride, but would be happy to support the cause. You can do so by making a donation through one of our staff, student or alumni fundraisers, or donate through the form below. Please use the green "Submit" button in the window rather than the orange "Donate" button in the footer.

Follow and Share!

Follow the event page on Facebook for real time updates on our progress leading up to the event, as well as live broadcasting during the event. Share the event with others, inviting them to join as a Soaring Eagles Cycler or supporter of Shepherds College.

Thank you for supporting the Shepherds College Wheels Across Wisconsin Fundraising Event!