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A message from our President

Please help Shepherds College through the COVID-19 Crisis. Prayerfully consider the role you might have in our recovery efforts, as well as in our preparation for the students' return.


In mid-March, our students all went home for the duration of the school year. Our most urgent need is to recover the funds lost due to the reimbursement of $250,000 of tuition.


The health and safety of our students is our number one concern. All decisions about reopening the campus are being made through the filter of their well-being.

As we discuss what we need to purchase to reopen campus, costs are mounting up - touchless thermometers, hand sanitizing stations, the set-up of an infirmary, additional domestics staff, more classroom space, dividers, better technology to continue on-line learning. These are all unbudgeted items, and the list keeps growing.


Not everything resulting from the crisis has been bad. We've learned that our amazing teachers can do anything! They created a successful distance learning program for our students in a week, on outdated equipment, and are improving it every day. Through this experience, God is showing us a new educational path for these students; one we didn't think could work. But we were wrong. We need funds to research distant learning for our population and further explore what God intends regarding the future of education for His children with intellectual and development disabilities.

"Never give up. God's got this, even when life is hard."

Amber, Class of 2022

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